Political Unrest for the Division of Wildlife

Unprecedented  and seemingly rash moves are being made under the leadership of ODNR Director Zehringer.   After receiving the support of Ohio sportsmen and sportswomen to bolster the Division of Wildlife’s (DOW)  budget by increasing tag and license fees  (which was strangely against the director’s wishes), he has fired or demoted much of the Division’s leadership.  Read more from the Sportsmen’s Alliance website.   There’s also an active forum with some good info here (but, it’s a forum… so step carefully!)

We’ll let you know here if there’s something you can do (other than write our governor -the person who appointed the director in the first place…)

Phil Hillman – Passes at age 62

A longtime friend of fishermen and fisherwomen in Ohio passed away this week. Phil Hillman, 30+ year ODOW employee and avid fisherman  will be missed by many – and certainly all who had the pleasure of working with him.  A strong supporter of and advocate for the development of steelhead alley.  Phil helped make the North Coast a great place to fish.   Tie one on in Phil’s memory.

Obit: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ohio/obituary.aspx?n=phil-hillman&pid=186072616&fhid=3304