About Us

We are an informal group of folks from all walks of life who share the love of fly fishing, healthy ecosystems, and the great outdoors. Some of us have fly-fished for decades, others are new to the sport. Regardless, we are here to create a community of fly fishers knowledgeable on all aspects of fly fishing, and to share in creating great memories centered on our favorite pastime. 

Our primary mission is to encourage the sport and art of fly-fishing by providing:

  1. A social setting for members to share fishing information, discuss fisheries science, share fishing experiences, and generate ideas for improving ecosystems health, expanding fishing access, and outreach opportunities within our local communities.
  2. Opportunities to preserve and enhance stream, river, and lake habitat.
  3. Educational programming and activities to promote fellowship among members
  4. A collective voice to encourage the conservation and preservation of our natural resources.

Our primary program consists of:

  1. Tying events and/or local fishing outings held at least monthly. Tyings are typically held at Public Lands
  2. Educational meetings held the second Tuesday of the month, 8 months a year from September to April (with guest speakers).  Location can vary, but most indoor events are at Gallo’s Taproom in Powell.
  3. Learning communities and workshops focused on details of the sport (e.g., book groups, aquatic entomology).
  4. Group trips to excellent fly-fishing destinations.

We also collaborate with and support other non-profit and for-profit fly-fishing organizations throughout central Ohio who help build a community of environmentally conscious fly fishers.  Through these groups we can focus on giving back to our communities, educating the public about flyfishing and conservation, and combine manpower to support good deeds and good activities through our love of fly fishing.



Tim Wilson, President

James Sanford, Treasurer & Social Media Director

Paul Butler, Webmaster

Tom Allen, Education & Outreach

John Davis, Education & Outreach

Stephen Parker, Monthly Meetings Coordination

Jon Horn, Monthly Meetings Coordination



The CENTRAL OHIO FLY FISHERS, INC., (“COFF”) is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Ohio. The corporation is organized as a volunteer charitable entity pursuant to Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(3).  COFF was established to: 

1. promote the exchange of ideas and information concerning fly fishing, fly tying, stream habitat improvement and the preservation of a quality ecosystem for the enjoyment and use of the general public and the sport fishing community

2. promote and encourage the sport and art of fly fishing, fly tying and rod building.

3. preserve, protect and enhance the habitat of trout and Ohio’s other cold and warm water fish species, to cooperate with and assist governmental agencies and other conservation and charitable non-profit organizations in the development of programs relating to stream, river and lake preservation

4. encourage and engage in research for the improvement and better understanding of clean water resources, stream entomology, to foster, promote and engage in education in fly fishing, to encourage and develop grass roots efforts among its Members and the general public relating to river, stream and lake preservation

5. encourage and organize work groups of members and nonmembers to perform hands on projects to enhance stream habitat and preservation.